Meet our star breeders!

We are a small in-home cattery that prides in treating all our cats and kittens as part of the family. Our breeders are also our pets and family members. We encourage all our cats to have good socialization and the ability to live together in harmony. Ella, Amber, Wubzy


Roxyanna of SanuraExotics - F5 Savannah

Roxyanna (Roxy) is our brave lady that often is the first to greet any new visitor.

Roxyanna Savannah breeder Savannah queen Savannah queen

Roxyanna of SanuraExotics F5

Ella of DemDar - F2 Savannah

Ella is our comical sweetheart full of leaps and inquisitions.

Ella Savannah breeder Savannah queen

Ella of DemDar F2

Amber - F3 Savannah

Amber is our sweet little blond girl.

Amber Savannah breeder Savannah queen

Amber of Alottaspotz F3


Rubidubi (Ruby) is sweet little lady. She is very docile, kind, and gentle.

Ruby breeder

Ruby Delight


Wubzy of Soigne - F5 Savannah

Wubzy of Soigne is affectionate little guy. He loves cuddles and TV watching.

Wubzy Savannah breeder